Susanne Garber is a journalist, writer and photographer based in Vienna, Austria. Her work focuses on spaces, places, people and their surroundings – both in images and written words.
Coming from a journalistic but also artistic background, Susanne Garber combines in-depth research with a straightforward aesthetic in order to create comprehensive visual and written stories. She worked for media like Der Standard,  Die Presse, ORF or Puls4 – and now for Kurier.
Susanne Garber studied  journalism, new media and artistic photography.  She also works on self-initiated projects within (analog) photography, often developing and printing her own film stock. Her visual work is regularly showcased in exhibitions and gets published in print and online media.
09/2022 - OFF GRID Foto Festival, Projektionsabend, Green Doors Artist Space, Wien
07/2022 - Was war inzwischen, Ostlicht, Wien
05/2022 - Capturing Absence, Kunstverein Kombinage Wien
03/2022 - Alles Liebe, S, Bücherbazar der Studierenden der Schule Friedl Kubelka, Foto Wien
09/2021 - Who are they and where are they now?, Rotlichtfestival, Atelier Analog Wien
08/2021 - Social Environment and Self-Image, Internationale Sommerakademie für Bildende Kunst, Salzburg
08/2021 - Together/AND apart, Fotogalerie Wien
05/2021 - Fleisch und Stein, Schule Friedl Kubelka und öffentlicher Raum, Wien
10/2020 - Alles dreht sich im Kreis, OFF GRID Fotofestival, Atelier Analog, Wien
09/2020 - Quaranzine, Group-Show + Zine-Präsentation, Atelier Analog, Wien
01/2020 - Wiener Beton – Alterlaa, KVH Wien
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